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Corrupt Pictures was Founded in 2018,

by Scott Muniz.

Scott Independently started this company bringing it to the levels it has reached today. Starting with only 88 loyal customers, Corrupt Pictures can now proudly assist you with all of you'r Video Editing and Artistic needs.

We try to work with all of our customers to reach all of their budgets. Most times we can underbid our competitors with exceptional distance.


We here at Corrupt Pictures would love to hear from you. 

Someone can always be reached at one of the links provided. Remember its just in your Imagination until its reached Creation  Nothing is impossible.

  Thank you For your time.

Booking a wedding comes with many features that will help leave a lasting impression for generations. 

Visual Effects

Image Animation

Any image can be corrupted in any form imaginable. Animating sketches and photos is a method in which pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images. In traditional animation, images are drawn or painted by hand on transparent celluloid sheets to be photographed and exhibited on film. Corrupt Pictures,however, does the majority of our Animation and art Digitally but that DOES NOT exclude YOUR IMAGES/SKETCHES to be animated. 


Visual effects (VFX) is a term used to describe imagery created, manipulated, or enhanced for any film, or other moving media that cannot take place during live-action shooting. VFX is the integration between actual footage and this manipulated imagery to create realistic looking environments for the context. 

We do: Films, Music Videos, Commercials, Advertisements.


A 3 hour video shoot is $300

A 4 minute Videos edited with ( Logo, Text, Color Correction) $200

Additional Footage edits such as: ( Fire, Gun Shots, Smoke, Steam, Explosions, blood Squirts, Charges, Debris, Dust, Glass, Sparks, Shells

Water Blast/Splash/ Window Rain , Small Image Tracking ) $175-$500


Other edits such as: ( Video Stabilization, Warping, Sky Replacement, Lens Flare, Transparent Videos, Cropping Objects in Videos to incorporate in video edits, Particles, Color Replacement, Large Image      Tracking ) an Additional $200- $700

Get your Videos/Artwork done today!!!

Graphic Design/2.5D Animation/Visual Effects Artist

Logo's, Character Design and Animation, Digital Artist, Video Editor,

We pride ourselves on Realistic Art Work.

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